Why MOFA attestation and how to obtain it?

Ministry of foreign affairs(MOFA) in any country MOFA attestation is important for obtaining resident visa, official documents and for validating educational certificates. Procedures of MOFA attestation is finished by the several authorities.

At first all the documents should be attested from where the original documents are issued. MOFA attestation, is the final procedure of certificate attestations. lf you want to travel or move out of native country to foreign countries. It is impossible to get resident visa without MOFA attestation. MOFA attestation is necessary for attaining all type of visa requirements.

The dealing of foreign relations of any country is controlled by MOFA. The authority is controlled by the government. It is the responsibility of this authority to grand attestation for immigrants who are willing to move abroad. This process of MOFA attestation will prove how much authentic and real your certificate is before a foreign country.

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What certificates comes under MOFA attestation?

  • Commercial documents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Educational documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth certificate

MOFA  attestation is necessary for work visa, Resident visa, Higher education in abroad, migration, to attain higher education in foreign countries, to work abroad, tor migration purposes, to obtain resident visa. There are two types of documents that need attestation: Original certificate and Passport copy. If any malfunction is noticed they will not verify the documents, and disciplinary measure will be taken against the person for creating duplicate documents for attestation. Thus or every person travelling abroad MOFA attestation is a mandatory procedure.